What is BMI: Internationally, if you want to easily calculate a person's weight is standard or not, usually use the body mass index, referred to as BMI. The calculation formula for BMI is fixed, but each country adjusts the results of the index according to the situation to meet the actual situation of the nationals. Use the tools below to quickly and easily calculate your BMI index.

BMI International definition
Category BMI range
Severely underweight <= 16.4
Underweight 16.5 ~ 18.4
Standard 18.5 ~ 24.9
Overweight 25.0 ~ 29.9
Obese class I 30.0 ~ 34.9
Obese class II 35.0 ~ 39.0
Obese class III >= 40.0
After entering your height and weight, the BMI index calculation results will appear on the top and give the corresponding physical status.
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